Thursday, July 3, 2014

That Other School

I do college sports on my blog, but focus almost all of the discussion on the ACC schools around my house and my alma mater NC State.  Of course, my degree from NC State is actually a Masters Degree.  My undergraduate degree came from Southeast Missouri State, a small teachers college, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  I majored in Elementary Education and spent a few hours hanging out in Scully Hall in between trips to some small classrooms in nearby towns.

SEMO does compete in Division I sports playing in the Ohio Valley Conference against Murray State, Austin Peay, Belmont, and Morehead State.  There are others.  Their big rival is SIU.  Nobody like the Salukis.

Of course SEMO has produced a few baseball players over the years.  The last player from the school to appear before this year was Justin Christian, now plays for the Durham Bulls, but also spent time in the Majors with the Giants and Yankees.  There was also Kerry Robinson.  This year SEMO added another player to their list of Major League products when the Braves called up relief pitcher Shae Simmons.  Very impressive so far.....

After Simmons made his first appearance with the Braves I was excited to track down a few cards of the former SEMO star.  However, there were not many cards of Simmons floating around outside of a few team issued minor league cards.  Never my favorite things to buy, but I was seriously considering it until I saw he had a nice autograph in the Bowman Inception set.  Yes, I bought one.  

Simmons has a pretty popular autograph in the early days of Bowman Inception.  There have been a whole bunch of these cards up on Ebay and the vast majority of them have sold for more than $10, with a few crossing $15.  Not bad for a set man in his first month in the Majors.  Hopefully Topps will make a few more cards of Shae Simmons before the end of the year.

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