Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sterling Bird Signatures

I picked up a pair of cool Bowman Sterling autographs of two Cardinals prospects.  I am always a little bit leery of Bowman Sterling cards.  High price tag with cards that can be easy to find with high print runs and low prices.  It's a great product to let someone else open and then swoop in to pick up the cards.  Yes, opening packs of cards is fun and I could potentially pull something really sweet.  However, I have been burned too many times with these sorts of products.

A month or so after the product was released I managed to pick up a cool pair of autographs at a really good price.  First up is a cool card that any prospect collector would love to have in their collection.  The best prospect in baseball.....

 2013 Bowman Sterling Oscar Taveras Autograph

Taveras has a bit of a lost season in 2013 due to an injury to his ankle, but should be back in 2014.  I am not sure if he is going to be in Memphis to start, or on the bench in St. Louis.  I would guess that even if Taveras ends up in the PCL at the beginning of the season, he will be in St. Louis at some point during the 2014 season.  Taveras is an excellent hitter and has hit for a high average at every level.  His power has increased every year he has played in the minors, so the Cardinals are probably hoping for an improvement over his 22 he posted in 2012.  Taveras is pretty popular in he hobby, but the prices of his autographs has cooled over the last year. 

2013 Bowman Sterling Robert Kaminsky Autograph

Kaminksy is not as well known as some of the other prospects in the Cardinals system, but I think he has a pretty good shot to be a good contributor the team in the future.  The Cardinals drafted Kaminsky out of high school in New Jersey, but he had a scholarship offer and had committed to play baseball at North Carolina.  After being selected in the first round, Kaminsky skipped college to play for the Cardinals.  Spend a little time reading up on Kaminsky and you will find he's got three pitches including a fastball, curve, and change-up.  The curve ball is supposedly spectacular.  I am hoping to see Kaminsky in St. Louis in the near future.  

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