Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Topps: One Month Out

I am going to do more smart things with numbers this year on my blog.  It's my only goal for the year.  We'll see how it works out, but here's my first post using "math"

We are a little less than one month out from the release of the new 2014  Topps Series 1 cards.  This set is looking like the typical flagship set release collectors have come to expect from Topps during the past half decade.  Not much has changed and the status quo is definitely maintained with this new release for better or worse.  The prices on the product generally seem in line with Topps releases of the past, so here's a look at what has sold so far:

330 Cards Base Sets 
High Price: $27.00
Low Price: $26.49

Comment-There are only two sellers offering this product on Ebay at the moment, so it's a little bit tough to get a good picture about the value of the base set.  While the pricing appears to be lock in step, and each seller has sold multiple copies of this product, the usual heavyweights have not started their pre-sales on their sets yet.  Honestly, it's not a bad price for a complete set a month out from release.  Case breakers always like a little bit of certainty up front and sometimes collectors can win by buying sets ahead of time.  Over the next few weeks we will learn a little bit more.  

Master Sets
No Pricing

Comment-There have been two listing for Master Sets on Ebay which include the base set of 330 and usually an assortment of different insert sets.  Master sets can be a great way to figure out pricing on various insert sets.  Usually most Master Sets on Ebay come with 5 insert sets, but one of the two completed listings on Ebay came in with 6.  The set including 5 sold at $159.99 which seems a little bit on the high side.  

Hobby Boxes
High Price: 59.95
Low Price: $47.95

Comment-Seems in line with past releases of base Topps sets.  The $12 split is rather high.  I would actually expect the low to rise up higher as the product gets ready to release.  I think the high just below $60 is not going to change very much. 

Jumbo Boxes
High Price-$99.95
Low Price-$89.99

Comment-The range is still pretty great here too, but I actually think that these prices are both pretty good.  Especially the low end of the spectrum on this product.  I could easily see these numbers drifting closer to $100 over the next few weeks leading up to this products release on January 29th. 

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