Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2004 Leaf Limited Gold Bob Gibson Autograph

A quick post tonight on a card I picked up last week of Cardinals Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Gibson.  This card comes from the 2004 Leaf Limited set and is the gold version of the card which is limited to a print run of just 25.

2004 Leaf Limited Gold Bob Gibson Autograph

I already own several of the autographs from this set already and couldn't pass up adding this card to my collection either.  I also have a Musial and Ozzie Smith card which I haven't had a chance to post on my blog in the eight months it's been up, but this Gibson card actually completes my set of Cardinals cards from the Limited Cuts inserts from the Leaf Limited set.  There are other Cardinals autographs with in the Leaf Limited set, but they are all sticker autographs.  Sadly, all four Cardinals Hall of Famers appearing in the Limited Cuts insert also appear on a variety of sticker autographs throughout the set.  The Monikers cards are probably your best bet in this set past the Cuts autographs.

2004 Leaf Limited Monikers Scott Rolen Autograph/Bat

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