Wednesday, November 14, 2012

2007 UD Black Garrett Atkins Quad Relic/Autograph

A quick post this morning about an inexpensive single card I picked up this past week from the 2007 UD Black set.  The UD Black set was issued only once in 2007, but it is worth a little bit of time to check out the cards.  There are lots of great patches, autos, and low run cards.  The set does feature sticker autographs, but they are as well done.

2007 UD Patch Garrett Atkins Quad Relic/Autograph 

My latest card cost me $3 on Ebay which isn't a bad price for any card that has two patches, two pieces of jersey with pinstripes, and an autograph.  Not a huge fan of Garrett Atkins, but I can add it to my collection of other UD Black cards and it makes a nice addition.  I will have to post more about some of my other cards from this set another time.  

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