Wednesday, November 14, 2012

48 Hour Blog Contest

My blog will have a decidedly USA Baseball theme over the next two days with my Michael Wacha post tonight and with the continuation of my 30 Year Top 50 Countdown tomorrow.  No, it's not the 1985 Topps set.  It's also not an Update set, but it will have something to do with USA Baseball.  So, I am holding a contest, but it's only lasting for two days.  48 hours.  Here's the low down:

1.  Read the trivia question below and research the answer.
2.  Submit your answer to, or message on Facebook or Twitter.  Remember if you answer on Facebook or Twitter please submit your answer in a message and not a post.  Answers must be in by Friday November 16th at 8pm.
3.  If multiple persons guess the right answer I will randomize the names to determine my grand prize winner.
4.  You will win two USA Baseball card pictured below.

The Question: Last summer the Pittsburgh Pirates drafted Alex Dickerson out of Indiana University one of the least successful Big Ten baseball programs.  Name the IU grad with the most Major League homers?  


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    1. Announcing it this morning. I had something come up last night. Sorry for the delay.