Sunday, May 15, 2022

Random Ray - 2001 Topps Heritage

I am reaching for the top shelf this week and going with a 2001 Topps Heritage Ray Lankford card. I am not always really big on rehashed designs, but this set is probably the best one ever in that category. Heritage sets are put out every year, but this was the first one. It's in its own class.  

While the set is a modern classic, it was sadly one of Ray Lankford's last baseball cards in a Cardinals uniform. He was traded during the 2001 season to the Padres for pitcher Woody Williams. The end of year products in 2001 featured Ray as a member of the Padres. 

Here is the front of the card.  

Almost all of the Cardinals cards in this set were photographed at Spring Training. I love the posed photograph of Ray Lankford batting. Better yet, I really like the landscape layout of his card. There are not many Lankford cards with this layout. A little sad about this fact.  

Here is the back.  

This is the best write-up on the back of a Ray Lankford ever. 

Great card.  


  1. Great looking card. I just think they should have zoomed out just a tad bit on the photo of Lankford.

    1. I feel like the photography on the 2001 Heritage cards is really tight. There are several Cardinals and Rays cards with the landscape layout and a really close picture like this one. I'd be curious to flip through some 1952 Topps cards and see if it was a duplicated style or just the design team for this set.

  2. I know that a lot of people like this set, but I have never understood Heritage's appeal. I think it might have something do with me not being around collecting for the first nine years worth of it's releases. I just never formed any kind of bond to it. I do kind of like the back on this one though.

    1. I enjoy the Heritage sets in the year's where I like the original Topps set. I think it's crazy that people hate certain Topps designs, but they will still collect the Heritage set. I have skipped a few over the years.