Sunday, May 9, 2021

Now, More Arenado Cards

Yesterday, I posted my first Nolan Arenado card in a Cardinals uniform.  

What should I do for a follow-up post?  

How about my second Nolan Arenado card in a Cardinals uniform.  

I dabble in the Topps Now cards, but I am not out to buy them all or even all the Cardinals cards.  Every once in a while I see one that I really like, or that marks an occasion that is worth remembering.  Topps put out a card last month for Nolan Arenado's home run in the Cardinals Home Opening Day win.  

It was a cool moment, so I bought the card.  

The Cardinals started the season on the road and Arenado hit a home run during that trip, so this was not his first dinger with the team, but just a nice feel-good moment.  It was worthy of a Topps Now card and I thought it was one that would look nice in my collection.  

Front of the card.  

The back of the card......

A nice little write-up by Topps on the back of the card.  Rather than mentioning that the win gave the team a four-game winning streak, it would have been cool to see Topps connect the dinger to other memorable Cardinals opening day home runs.  There have been some good ones within the last 20-25 years, with the two best being Albert Pujols hitting one on his first Opening Day as a rookie and Mark McGwire's grand slam in 1998.  

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