Saturday, June 15, 2019

Championship Grand Slam

It was quite a week for me as a St. Louis sports fan.  I never thought that I would actually ever get to see the Blues win the Stanley Cup.  They have had their fair share of good players and teams, but they always seem to come up short.  Welp, not this year. 

The Stanley Cup makes St. Louis just the eighth city in the U.S. to win a championship in all four major sports leagues.  

The Cardinals have obviously won several with the last one coming in 2011.  

The Rams won the Super Bowl in 2000 on "The Tackle" 

St. Louis had the Hawks for awhile, and they managed to beat the Boston Celtics in the 1959 Finals behind Bob Pettit.  The team eventually left for Atlanta in the late 1960s.  Always seems to be the forgotten title that St. Louis has won.  

Are there are actually Hawks fans?  Were there any Hawks fans when they played in St. Louis?  The answers to these questions are cloudy, but the Hawks have been sort of a fun side project of mine for awhile.  There are three primary sets of basketball cards where you can find St. Louis Hawks cards including a Busch Beer set, the 1957 Topps set, and the 1961 Fleer set.  

I have dabbled over the years, and never spent a serious amount of time, nor money on this set.  Not to give away how many Hawks cards I have from the three sets, I am going to celebrate the Championship Grand Slam by sharing out my 1961 Fleer cards. 

Best St. Louis Hawks player?  I vote yes.  

Hagan was also a Hall of Famer.  

Another Hall of Famer.  

I actually did not know anything about Si Green until I got this card.  In 1956 the Hawks drafted Bill Russell with their 1st Round pick and traded him to the Celtics for Cliff Hagen and Ed Macauley.  The player picked in front of Russell was Si Green.  He ended up scoring right around 10 points per game during his NBA career.  Looks like he was a good reserve off the bench.  

I will have to share a few more another day.  


  1. Congratulations St. Louis fans! A championship in four different sports is very, very cool!

    1. Really cool, even if two of the teams are gone.

  2. Ooh, something different on the blog today! I have three out of the four cards here, Bob Pettit is the one I'm missing. I love the In Action cards from this set so darn much, unfortunately there's a couple of them that are very expensive, including the Bill Russell, which is probably my #1 most wanted card.

    1. I like the old basketball cards. Not a huge NBA fan, but I might have to do some more with these types of cards.