Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Lynn To Named Later

I spent a little bit of time the past two two days working on cleaning up the space around my computer.  I should have probably done a before and after picture for dramatic effect, but the important thing is that my desk is actually clean.

Believe it, or not, it usually has all kinds of stacks of cards surrounding the computer and scanner.  Throw in some bubble mailers, paper work from school, and random toys my son sets on my desk, and it can be a full out disaster area.  The cleaning usually lends itself to a better work environment, but I can usually also find a few other things sitting around that I meant to put into a blog post, but just never got around to it.

Some of the highlights included an unsorted 2011 Allen Ginter set, a Max Scherzer jersey card, and this cool Lance Lynn Gypsy Queen autograph.

I spend a lot of time collecting Cardinals cards and posting them on here, but I rarely do anything with Lance Lynn cards.  In the past year and a half I have made exactly two Lance Lynn posts, both of which were the same card.  Pretty sad considering the guy has won 48 games the last three years helping the team to three National League Championship Series appearances and a World Series appearance too.  Lance Lynn was also an important member of the 2011 World Series team pitching out of the bullpen.

So, why don't I have more cards of Lance Lynn?  I am not sure exactly.  I have been thinking the matter over recently and have decided to do something to improve my Lynn collection.  Shall we review what's in the box already?   Thin in quantity, but I like the quality.

Two rookie, three on-card signatures.  It's a good start.  I was really happy to add the Lance Lynn Gypsy Queen to my collection which finished off the trade for the Matt Carpenter Postseason autograph that I picked up a few ago.  The Gypsy Queen autograph is on-card and has Lynn's simple, yet consistent autograph.  I am not sure what other Lance Lynn autographs are out floating around, but I am going to try and add a few more to the collection this year. 

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