Sunday, February 1, 2015

One Last Oscar

I bought a copy of the Topps Tek Oscar Taveras Autograph sometime in December and it has been sitting here on my desk for more than a month.  I thought long and hard about not even making a post about the card, just simply filing the card away in a box, and moving on to other cards in my collection.  However, after much contemplation I decided to go ahead and post the card. 

There is so much that I would love to say on this topic, but at this time I am going to take a pass on saying too much about Oscar, just sticking to the card.  I literally have two or three draft posts about this card and about Oscar.  Maybe another time.  

I have posted a few of the Topps Tek autographs over the last two months.  Loved this set back in the late 90s and Topps did a really great job of recreating this product.  I also love the fact that the autographs in this set are all on card.  Really sharp looking product with lots of good autographs.  

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