Monday, February 9, 2015

Seriously, Last Trip To Big D's

My Saturday started with a trip into my local mechanic after my engine light popped on during my drive home Friday evening.  A gas cap later I had a lot more time on my hands Saturday afternoon than I had anticipated.  What to do?  Well, Jimmy from Big D's started sending me a few pictures of cards that collectors had landed out of 2015 Topps boxes.  I was happy with my box, but apparently there were some other Cardinals hits hanging out in some of the other boxes in the store.

These were really nice cards, so I decided to take my car, with it's new gas cap up to Big D's for one last time.  Seriously.  So, here's what I ended up adding to my collection while I was in the store:

This card was picked up by another customer at Big D's who found it at a Flea Market in Raleigh.  Being the resident Cardinals fan at Big D's the guy asked Jimmy if I would be interested in this card.  Of course I was interested.  I have always loved these Postseason cards and thought this patch piece looked really cool.  I was trying to figure out what part of the Cardinals logo this piece came from, but I cannot quite put my fingers on it.  As nice as this card is this is the second best Cardinals card I picked up Saturday.  

This card is just awesome.  Alan, an Orioles collector, pulled it from a box of 2015 Topps, along with a cool looking Pujols coin card.  After talking it over for awhile we agreed to a trade that landed me this cool Carpenter and another Cardinals autograph which is en route, for a Ripken autograph.  You have to give up something, and while the price was high, I am ecstatic to have landed this Carpenter Postseason autograph.  Probably the best Cardinals card I have out of this long running insert set from Topps base sets.  

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