Wednesday, October 1, 2014

All-Star Triple Threads

Topps has spent much of this year cycling through the same few Cardinals and Rays players in their sets.  I love Lance Lynn, Kolten Wong, Jake Odorizzi, and others, but really let's get some new faces in here.  I have already harped on this several times this year, so let's move on.  I have checked out some of the Triple Threads cards floating around, but have been a little bit slow to pick up any of them.  I was thinking along the lines of something cool and unique.  I found one.

The blue is not right to be a Rays jersey and they never wear orange.  I was interested, but I have seen Romero relic pieces like this before in the Bowman Future Games relic set.  Topps usually puts these cards in the Bowman Draft set and fills them with some nice jersey and patch pieces from the Futures Game.  The pieces are usually small, so I am sure there are some extra pieces hanging out somewhere.  Here's a look at Romero in his Future's Game jersey.

Leftover jersey pieces is something that Topps has been doing this year in their sets this year.  Still a really cool card and a nice add to my collection of Rays and Durham Bulls cards.

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