Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 Topps Tribute Carlos Gonzalez Autograph

I am really impressed by the cards in Topps Tribute this year and decided to pick up a few for the collection.  The Tribute line started back in the early 2000s and featured high-end cards with great on-card autographs.  The formula was simple, but this product was always one of my favorites to pick and choose a few nice cards from every year when it hit the shelves.  My favorite Topps Tribute card is this Sparky Anderson autograph from the 2003 version:

2003 Topps Tribute Sparky Anderson Jersey/Autograph

Of course, Topps decided to tinker with something that was a pretty good formula and started putting sticker autographs, redemption cards, and last year's weird encased cards.  Luckily, Topps went back to the roots of the Tribute brand and made this year's cards much like the original releases of this product.  Seeing a few of the cards on Ebay, Facebook and Twitter pages, and a few blogs prompted me to haul a nice autograph in for my collection.  However, after checking out the Cardinals autographs included in the product I decided to reach out for something a little bit different.  Sure, I will go back and pick up a Lance Lynn and a Matt Adams autograph, but for the moment it can wait.  This week I went with a CarGo card.  

As you can see the design of the 2013 Tribute product is very similar to the 2003 version minus the jersey relic.  However, this is a great card and I am happy to add it to my collection.  Oddly, as many cards as I own, I do not own a Carlos Gonzalez autograph.  I had a Donruss autographed rookie, but traded a long time ago and have not touched his cards the past few years.  Really impressive player and a great autograph to add to my collection.