Sunday, April 21, 2013

2002 Bowman's Best Rich Thompson Autograph

I was thinking about doing a Rocky and Bullwinkle title for this post and put down something like: 2002 Bowman's Best Rich Thompson autograph or The Most Obscure Active Minor League Record Holder in the International League.  That title would not fit very well onto people's screen's and I would imagine that people trying to read and mobile devices would be SOL on the title of this post.  I kept to form and put down the card in the post which is my typical form.  I will do another Rocky and Bullwinkle title later this week.

2002 Bowman's Best Rich Thompson Autograph

I am continuing my work on my 2013 Durham Bulls collection snagging an autograph of outfielder Rich Thompson.  I usually work on the starting line-up and rotation before I drift into finding cards of the role players on the team, but I encountered an interesting snippet on the Bulls Twitter feed a few nights ago that made me go out and look for a Rich Thompson autograph.  It seems that while Mr. Thompson is busy hanging out in the Durham Bulls dugout this season, he is holding the obscure distinction of being the active minor league stolen base leader.

Over the course of his fourteen year career, with two cups of coffee in the big leagues, Rich Thompson has stolen a total of 469 bases.  He's played in 13 games this season for the Bulls and already has 5.  Pretty impressive.  I am not exactly sure who the all-time minor league stolen base leader is, but I am pretty sure that they cannot be too far away.  Which got me to thinking....Is this not like one of the subplots to the movie Bull Durham?  Old guy in the minors trying to break a record?  Not sure that plot line was ever resolved in the move, so here's a funny clip...

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