Monday, April 8, 2013

2012 Panini USA Baseball Carlos Rodon Dual Jersey

I am still working on picking up a few more of the 2012 Panini USA Baseball cards, especially players that I have been able to watch locally during the ACC baseball season.  This week I was able to pick up my second card of NC State pitcher Carlos Rodon.  I gave a run down on Rodon's accolades on my last post about the great left handed pitcher from Holly Springs, North Carolina.  My newest card I picked up is a dual jersey card.

2012 Panini USA Baseball Carlos Rodon Dual Jersey

I've been able to pick up a few other Panini cards the past few weeks, but have never landed the plain jersey version of one of these cards.  My newest Rodon addition features two different pieces of jersey and is limited to 75.  This card has been difficult to find on the secondary market and Rodon cards are drifting north fast.  A few months ago most Rodon autographs were selling for around $20.  Today, most of the autographs of Rodon on the secondary market are over $50 and the jersey cards are approaching $30.  Definitely excited to see what his cards jump to once he is drafted.

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