Saturday, December 15, 2012

2012 Topps Skip Schumaker Squirrel Card

2012 Topps Skip Schumaker Squirrel Card

I first saw this card right before the first series of the 2012 Topps set was released last spring.  Those unfamiliar with the story of the Rally Squirrel may read here.    I knew that I had to have one of these cards, but was a little bit disappointed to find out that it was "super short-printed" and the first copy or two sold for over $600 on Ebay.  That's a really steep price for a card, especially one featuring Skip Schumaker.  

The price of the card slowly dropped and settled around $100 for awhile.  I saw several for trade and worked that angle for awhile, but I found it difficult to gather much traction towards closing the deal with anyone.  I kept my eye on the card throughout the summer and noticed that it continued to work it's way under $100 and is currently settled anywhere between $50 and $75.

Finally, a week ago I spotted a copy of the card in the photobucket album of a fellow trader and was able to swing a deal for a few Giants autographs.  I was happy to get my squirrel card and not break the bank to do so.

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