Thursday, December 20, 2012

2008 SPX Jim Edmonds Patch Card

2008 SPX Jim Edmonds Patch Card

It has been too long since I have added a "Jimmy Ballgame" card to my collection, but I was picking up a few cheap cards online last week and saw this card.  I am a little disappointed that the card says "Padres" really small under his name, but the patch is clearly from a Cardinals uniform.  

I had picked up a few Jim Edmonds cards a few months ago, but haven't picked up any in the time since.  I collected Jim Edmonds cards while he was on the Cardinals, but stopped during the 2007 season when he was traded to the Padres, released, and ended up on the Cubs.  The Edmonds exit from the Cardinals was hard and difficult, but fences have been mended and Edmonds is very influential and present with the current Cardinals teams.  I am going to have to do a little bit better with Edmonds cards next year.  

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