Tuesday, June 2, 2020

One Dozen Local Basketball Cards #2

Here is the backstory behind these cards.

The first half dozen for this week.  These are cards 13-18 in the 1990-1991 Skybox set.

The second half dozen.  These are cards 19-24 in the 1990-1991 Skybox set.

Here are some questions.  I know more about college basketball than the NBA, feel free to debate the answer to these questions in the space below.  I am not doing research for a basketball card post.  

Best player in this dozen:  Larry Bird  

Without looking (pinky swear) who went to what college.  

Last week I knew 6 out of 12.  None of my guesses were wrong.  Moses Malone did not go to college.  I should have known that.  

Kevin Gamble - Iowa 
Larry Bird- Indiana State
Reggie Lewis - Northeastern
Kevin McHale- Minnesota 
Ed Pickney- Villanova 
Jim Paxson - Notre Dame ??? 

I feel like the Paxsons went to different colleges, and I am going to regret that guess.  Brian Shaw went to one of the little California schools, but I cannot remember which one.  

Best Card Front: Ed Pickney dunking

Best Card Back: Brian Shaw

Best Cameo:  I wish I knew who was guarding Kevin McHale, but I don't.  I am going with Ken Norman on the Michael Smith card.  If he hadn't been on the Clippers, you'd know more about him.  

Fun Fact: I was a big fan of the Jordan vs. Bird game in middle school.  



  1. Joe Kleine a close second for best card front, cheering from the bench. Apparently couldn't find a picture of the guy playing, because he's riding the bench on the back of the card, too!

    1. I remembered Kleine on the Suns and Bulls during the mid to late 1990s., By no means was a star player on those teams, but I know he at least appeared in their games. I did some quick number crunching on his stats. His per 48 minute stats are roughly 1/3 of his season stat line, so 16 minutes per game. He was at least a player in the regular rotation.

      Cool video of him playing for the Bulls.

  2. Larry was the only one I kinda knew. I knew he was from Indiana... and the only college team that popped into my head were the Hoosiers.

    1. I think there was some kind of beef between Larry and Bob Knight.

  3. Mike Gminski is guarding McHale.