Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cards I Love Part 13 - 2005 Donruss Yadier Molina Autograph

I have known my wife since the Spring of 2006.  We played on a kickball team together that was made up of teachers called "The Playground Bullies".  We worked at different schools, but had common friends.  In all of the years we have been together, my wife has bought me exactly two single baseball cards.  She doesn't even try to keep track of what cards I have, or do not have in my collection.  It's just easier for her to buy me packs. 

She bought both of the single cards for me while we were in St. Louis for Thanksgiving in 2006. 

One of my regular stops in St. Louis used to be a small card shop in south St. Louis County called Southtown Sluggers.  It was a great little shop.  I worked in that part of St. Louis for awhile, and used to stop by the store from time to time after work.  Tons of interesting items, and lots of great cards to flip through.  I never took pictures of the store, but there are a few attached to a Patch article from 7 years ago. 

The article can be found here. 

A few St. Louis people have told me that Dave, the owner of Southtown Sluggers, still shows up at some of the bigger shows like the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up.  Not sure if that's true or not, but needless to say I do not get to any shows anymore in St. Louis. 

At the end of my visit to the card shop over Thanksgiving weekend in 2006, I went and sat in my car by myself for a few minutes while my wife picked out some cards to give me for Christmas that year.  One of the cards was a 2005 Donruss Yadier Molina Autograph. 

I have a whole stack of Yadier Molina autographs, but this one is at the top of my list.  Definitely a keeper, and a card I love. 


  1. A whole stack of Molina autographs? Nice. I've been trying to add one to my collection, but just can't get myself to pay the hefty prices. Maybe I need to get out there, play some kickball, and meet my future wife... so she can hook me up with one :)

    1. Kickball is the place to be. I bought almost all of my Yadier Molina autograph was he was sitting on the bench behind Mike Matheny, or hitting .200 during his first year or two as a starter. Almost none of them are new.