Friday, May 24, 2019

A Bulls Card I Missed

Topps does not make many Durham Bulls cards.  There are only two products that show Minor League players in their Minor League uniforms.  There is Pro Debut.....

and Heritage Minors......

and that is seemingly the end of the list.  Almost.  

There is actually another Topps card, outside of Pro Debut and Heritage, with a Durham Bulls card on the checklist.  I have seen the card several times over the years, but just never taken the time to buy the card.  Just kind of floating around out there, not in my collection, but I finally ended up with the card last week.....

The scan does not do the card justice....

This is out of eTopps.  It was Topps first attempt at selling single cards directly to collectors.  I do not buy any of them from Topps, but I have picked up a few over the years from Ebay and card shows.  I have long been a fan of Desmond Jennings.  Not the best Major Leaguer, but he was a great player in the Minors for the Bulls.

Back of the card.....

Slugging percentage of almost .500 out of the leadoff spot.  Pretty impressive.  You can also see the eTopps Minor League Prospectus label under the Bulls logo.  This card was from 2010, same time Topps was rolling out with Pro Debut.  Actually a really good set, if you're into Minor League cards.  


  1. I've recently been on an eTopps kick. Love the design. Hmmm... wonder if Topps produced any SJ Giants for their eTopps line.

    1. I have one. I still have your address, you want me to drop it in the mail?

    2. Thanks for the offer. I actually grabbed one last night on COMC for 63¢. Can't believe any eTopps card sells for less than a buck.