Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Then There Were Two Of Us In The Wolfpack....

Trea Turner is really fast.  I am really fast if I am running with someone who has a sprained ankle.

Trea Turner is really good at baseball.  I am really good at wiffleball when the people I am playing against have been drinking.

Trea Turner is on the Washington Nationals.  Sometimes I watch the Washington Nationals on television.

Trea Turner was once a student at NC State.  I was also once a student at NC State.  I graduated, not sure about Trea, but I might have that over him.  Maybe.

Sorry, I am not scanning my degree for this post.

I did scan a pair of Trea Turner cards for the post that I picked up because I did go to NC State.  I borrowed the title from a speech given by another former student at NC State.....

I am hoping that maybe Zach Galifianakis could have Trea Turner on Between Two Ferns in the near future.

On to the baseball cards.....

I actually picked up both of these cards from a card shop in St. Louis, RBI Cru 7, awhile back.  The store was not there when I last lived in the Lou, but I actually picked these up after they posted a picture of them on Twitter.  I need to get to that shop one day soon, hopefully it's near an Imo's since we do not have provel cheese in Raleigh.  

First up.  

This is a Tier One autograph of Turner numbered out of 25.  I love these cards when they have the gold and silver signatures.  It's a little busy with the granite like design on the bottom of the card, but overall this is a very nice card of the former Wolfpacker.  The card is serial numbered out of 25.  


Also a Topps Tier One autograph, this card is serial numbered out of 250.  The card has a little bit cleaner look with the lighter colored marble pattern on the bottom of the card and the signature in blue ink.  While Turner has a really simple signature, he is really good about the consistency on his 'graphs.  The autograph on both cards is roughly the same.  

Overall, I am thrilled to add these two cards to my growing collection of Trea Turner autographs.  

Oh, and while we are here tonight.... Go State!  Beat the Illini.  

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  1. I kind of wish that I went to a college big enough to have produced some notable sports alumni - I'm always quite jealous of these sorts of collections whenever I see them. Oh well, I guess a degree is still a nice consolation prize.