Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Piecing Together Some Cards

Stadium Club has been back as an annual release for Topps for 3 years now and one of my favorite parts of the rehashed product is the Triumvirate cards.  These puzzle piece looking cards really started in the late 1990s Stadium Club sets, but came along for the ride when Topps brought back the brand.  I was quite happy with the decision.

One of the original Triumvirate cards from the 1990s....

I don't run out and put together the entire insert set or anything, but I tend to work on the Cardinals and a few other single cards of players that I enjoy collecting.  Former Durham Bulls mainly.  Last year the Cardinals Triumvirate set featured Jason Heyward, Yadi, and Adam Wainwright.  Looked nice all put together at the end.....

Not quite sure about that Heyward card in the middle, but overall a really nice looking set of Cardinals cards.  The 2016 Triumvirate Cardinals set featured all pitchers.  The single cards....

I like the background on this year's set a little bit better than last year.  I know that the green color sort of gives a little bit of a Christmas vibe with the red on the Cardinals uniforms, but I still think it works well with the black background at the top of the card fading down to a light grey at the bottom.  Rosenthal was probably a solid choice for this set when the good folks at Topps were putting this set together, but he had some struggles this year.  

Wacha is the other end piece in the puzzle.  I honestly would have loved to see Carlos Martinez is this spot instead of Wacha, but I do not get to pick the players for the cards.  Of all the young arms the Cardinals have brought up over the last three to four years, CMart has clearly turned out to be the best.  Not to say that Wacha hasn't had his moments.  See 2013 playoffs.  

The center card in the set belongs to Adam Wainwright.  I've got no complaints here.  It's getting late in his career, nice to see him pick up a few more insert cards along the way.  

All three cards put together....

Looks sharp.  I cannot wait for the 2017 Stadium Club set, I will put this together again next summer.  

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  1. I really like the Triumvirate cards. There is something satisfying about die-cut cards that fit together.