Monday, October 20, 2014


I wrote a post yesterday about the hits I pulled out of a box of 2014 Topps Update.  I usually will give my two cents about the base set, but for this post I skipped the subject.  The base sets always mean something to me.  I like looking at the photography, the players in the set, and al sorts of other little things in each of the sets.  I always have favorites.  This year's Update set had a clear favorite in my book.  It's card 113 and looks like this:

The Cardinals had a long year in spite of the fact that they made it all the way to the National League Championship Series.  The offense was down and the team struggled with injuries and consistency throughout the year.  One of the real bright spots for the team was supposed to be young outfielder Oscar Taveras.  It started off well and was happy to see Topps include his debut in their set.  It looked like this:

Taveras ended the year batting .239 and really struggled to find playing time this year in a crowded outfield.  I wish Mike Matheny had found him more at bats at times this year, but I am sure his time is coming sooner than later.  I need to go find a few of the other versions of this card.  


  1. I pulled the acetate parallel in a random single pack the other day, its numbered 3/10. Interested?

  2. I'm in search for the Polanco variants but only if they're well below the current market value.