Monday, July 14, 2014

Tribute Rock

I found a pretty nice spot to auction off a few cards two weeks ago on Facebook and even managed to snag a few cards for myself on the page.  Seems pretty legit, but I am always pretty careful with everything and everyone on Facebook and Twitter.  One lot that caught my eye featured a nice autograph of 80s/90s great Tim Raines.  I have posted a rant or two about The Rock being a Hall of Famer,   Apparently running a blog and teaching fourth grade does not qualify you for a Hall of Fame ballot.  Maybe someday.....

In the meantime, I can enjoy the Rock's autograph on my latest addition to my collection.  Topps has put out a fair number of new Raines cards out this year, several of which feature him in an Expos uniform.  Raines was still a good, productive player as a White Sox, but still I remember him best for his Expos days.  Raines also has a nice signature which looks great on this Tribute card.  This was a really good looking product.  As a bonus I also picked up a card of White Sox prospect Jacob May.

May is most likely an organizational guy.  He's currently playing in the Carolina League for the Winston-Salem Dash with a .259/.321/.399 line.  Not too impressive, but I saw him once while he was at Coastal Carolina and thought he was a nice college player.

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  1. I'm with you on Raines -- definite HOFer whose only mistake was being a direct contemporary of the best leadoff hitter in baseball history. I said the same on my 1982 Topps Blog.