Wednesday, July 2, 2014

and I thought the mismatched patch was cool......

Do you ever look at a checklist and think about the cool cards that would be awesome to pull out of a box of cards?  I do that sometimes and almost immediately right them down on a list of cards I am probably going to have to buy or trade for after I am done opening whatever wax or boxes I open of a product.  For the Topps 2 boxes there were plenty of Cardinals that seemed like easy pick ups after my jumbo box.  There was a Matt Carpenter relic card, a Bourjos autograph, and a Seigrist autograph too.  I made quick work of those cards.  

Then there were the long shot cards.  I had my eyes on a few Big Mac cards and was pleasantly surprised that he had jumbo relics and an autograph in a base Topps set.  I added my Big Mac jumbo patch card after a few weeks of scrambling around to find one.  

The card is a little mismatched, but I was pretty content with letting Topps Series 2 go after landing this patch card.  And then are story takes a little bit of a turn.....

I went into my favorite local card shop, Big D's Card Shop, and picked up a few things.  There was a Stan Musial and a nice Ken Griffey Jr. die cut.  Pictured below:

Pretty nice pair of cards.  The Stan is a rookie card patch from the Topps set and the Griffey die-cut is from the Panini USA Baseball set.  I had a couple of other things I was thinking about getting from the store when my eye caught a single box of Topps Series 2 sitting on the table.  Hmmm.  I bit.  I needed to finish off my set....

After opening 99% of the product I really regretted buying the Topps 2 cards.  I had one pack left and was missing my hit card.  I managed to hit enough singles to top off my base set, but I was figuring my hit card was going to see something rather dull.  I was wrong.  

Could I have asked for anything better?  No.  This was the perfect pull, which frankly never happens. While I did manage to chase down a McGwire patch card, I was not even going to put in the effort to track down a copy of his autograph.  The cards have been a pretty tough pull and have had very competitive bidding online.  This card is easily one of my favorite pulls this year.  Big pulls are cool, but they are even cooler when you hit something from your favorite team with a cool player.  

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  1. Those rooki patches are sweet. I have one of Chipper.