Friday, March 22, 2013

1998 Topps Tek David Justice

During my "vacation" at the beginning of the month I managed to add a few more of the Topps Tek cards I was still trying to track down to finish off my set.  As of last week I was down to a David Justice and a Jason Kendall.  Two cards from a set with no short prints does not sound too bad at all, but it is proving to be most challenging.  After looking for the past month and a half for the two cards, one of them finally appeared in an Ebay auction.

1998 Topps Tek David Justice

That one auction was the first time I had seen this card during that time on Ebay, COMC, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else on the internet where cards are available for sale or trade.  I called several card shops around Raleigh, Charlotte, St. Louis, and other destinations too.  Nothing.  Basically, when I saw the card post I knew that if I did not win the auction I might not see another copy of this card for a long time.  I ended up winning the auction, but also paid almost $10 shipped for a base card of David Justice.  Pretty steep.

Finding this card has narrowed my list of 1998 Topps Tek cards needed down to just Jason Kendall.  Similar to the David Justice card, there are no 1998 Topps Tek Jason Kendall cards anywhere.  In fact, for a week or two I was wondering if the card even existed.   However, there is a picture of one, ONE, on Google image search.  While there are no short printed cards in this set, there are some Jason Kendall super collectors somewhere with a giant stash of these cards.  I just need one.

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