Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Circle of Cards Pt. 2

So, when I last left you I had traded a great looking Mike Stanton Triple Threads autograph away for a Matt Kemp autograph and a Lance Lynn autograph.  You can read about the earlier details of this trade here.  So, in the process of working out my earlier trade I had connected with a trader in California interested in Matt Kemp autographs and had taken on a Lance Lynn autograph to fill out the Stanton trade.  I knew at the time of the trade that I was going to flip the Lance Lynn autograph around for some other cards with a collector back in St. Louis.  So how does this all turn out?

First, the Lynn card.  I packaged the Lance Lynn card together with a Gypsy Queen Jon Jay jersey and an Allen Craig autograph and ended up with two cards back in return.  The first was a 1996 Leaf Signature Matt Stairs autograph.  Pretty sweet card of a player with a big cult following.  The short Canadian has played for almost every team in the league and is renowned for his ability to provide power off the bench.

1996 Leaf Signature Matt Stairs Autograph

While the Stairs card is really sweet and I am happy to add to my collection there was a better card that I added to my collection.  So, I ask you this question?  If you were reluctant to give up a card what would sway you to trade it?  How about getting the card back?  Different version, but I traded a print run of 75 Mike Stanton Triple Threads card for a Matt Stairs autograph, another Mike Stanton autographed Triple Threads card out of 99, and I still had the Matt Kemp autograph too.  

2012 Topps Triple Threads Mike Stanton Autograph

The idea of getting back another Stanton autograph while only giving up duplicate Cardinals cards made me ecstatic.  However, I also continued to work with the collector on the Matt Kemp autograph.  He posted several nice Cardinals autographs which caught my attention.  I ended up flipping around the Kemp and a few Dodgers jersey cards for this gem:

2002 Topps Team Legends Stan Musial Autograph

This is my second copy of this particular Musial card, but I was happy to add it to my collection since it is an on-card autograph and it was issued before 2004.  Collectors interested in adding a Musial autograph should take note that his signature really started to fall off after 2005.  In fact, recent Musial autograph have had shorter prints, higher prices, and low quality.  No fault of Stan's.  He tries really hard.  

So, to summarize my trade I parted with a 2011 Triple Threads Mike Stanton autograph, a 2012 Gypsy Queen Jon Jay autograph, a 2012 Gypsy Queen Allen Craig autograph, a 2009 Triple Threads Matt Kemp autograph, and a set of four Dodgers jersey cards and got back a Mike Stanton autograph, a Stan Musial autograph, and a Matt Stairs autograph.  Not a bad week's worth of work.  

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