Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Topps Debut Side By Side Matt Adams/Jordan Swagerty Autographs

There are slightly less than two million people living in the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area.  There are advertised card shops in the area, but the few around the area are overwhelmingly loaded with cool basketball cards and memorabilia, but lack baseball cards outside of the token Josh Hamilton (local guy) shrine located inside of one display case.  The Hamilton cards are often surrounded by a few Jeter cards and maybe a few Chipper Jones cards.  Always a little disappointing.

In fact, a few months ago when my blog first started I took a road trip to St. Louis and visited several of my old baseball card haunts.  A week later, a fellow collector told me about an upcoming business trip to Durham.  He asked about the card shops and I asked him which ACC basketball team was his favorite.  Nothing here worth seeing.  Now, a few weeks ago I was driving on a major thoroughfare through Raleigh when I spotted a sign for a baseball card shop.  I was intrigued.

I had a little bit of time this weekend, so I ventured down that same street and stopped by the card shop.  I almost didn't go in when I saw the outside of the store was covered in a window painting of a Jeff Gordon car and had NASCAR number decals across the top of the window.  I stopped in the parking lot and contemplated getting back in my car, but went ahead and entered the shop.

Not much happening here.  There were boxes of commons.  Wax packs of 1990 Score.  There were a few display cases of single cards.  The highlight of the baseball section was a Mo Vaughn jersey card.  I thought about buying it and putting it on this page as my Raleigh baseball card shop trophy, but I kept looking.  Finally, I found some newer wax.  Selection limited.  Mixed into the middle of the "new" wax packs was a box of Upper Deck Power Deck.  CD ROM baseball cards.  Hmmm.

I finally settled on the "new" release of Topps Debut.  Not really encouraged and doubtful of ever returning I took my box of cards and returned home to open packs.  My first hit was a Drew Hutchison autograph.  Not great.

2012 Topps Pro Debut Drew Hutchison

I kept opening packs and enjoyed seeing some of the minor leaguers I get to watch during the summer. My favorite base card I pulled was a Chris Archer.  The Durham Bulls pitcher will likely be in Tampa next year and is worth checking out.  He has several autographs and a few relic cards too which can all be found for less than $10. 

2012 Topps Pro Debut Chris Archer

My best card I pulled out of my box was particularly exciting.  I have a lot of cool Cardinals cards from 2012 releases, but I haven't pulled anything great out of packs myself.  One of the downfalls of not having a cool local card shop.  So, here's my pull:

2012 Topps Pro Debut Side by Side Matt Adams/Jordan Swagerty Autograph 

I was really happy to see this card and am happy that I picked up a box of this "new" release.  I am still not going back to my new card shop. 

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