Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Random Ray - 1995 Topps Finest

This card was the beginning of a really bad, although short-lived trend. During the second half of the 1990s, Topps decided to place a protective sticker over the front of all their Finest cards. My bad, it's a "coating", which is fancy-speak for sticker.  They were annoying in that they covered up the photograph on the front of the card. The stickers also presented an odd dilemma. Do I peel the sticker off and enjoy the card the way it should or do I leave the sticker in place?  

Does removing the sticker diminish the value? Is it still in mint condition if I remove it? 

I left the sticker alone.  

I really like this photograph. There are plenty of cards with Ray Lankford wearing sunglasses, but I cannot think of another card where he is wearing regular glasses or goggles. In fact, I took a quick stroll through a few of the Cardinals social media pictures from their recent team Hall of Fame events (Lankford is in) and I cannot find a picture of him wearing glasses there either.  

Maybe there is another reason to wear glasses? 

Cut down on glare? 

Windy and dust?  

I do not know. I do not wear glasses. What I do know is that the Cardinals need to go back to wearing their blue hats on the road full-time. I know that I say that in every other Random Ray post, but I honestly cannot say it enough. I want blue hats all the time on the road.  

Back of the card.  

The stats are simple, but solid. 

The Finest Moment is actually a really nice moment.

The color photo of Ray Lankford on the side looks nice with the green and gray in the background.  

Good effort here by Topps on this Finest card.  

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  1. Your scanner is awesome! I thought this card was a refractor. The peel or not to peel is a great debate. In a perfect world (imho), I'd own a duplicate for each card. One to keep intact and one to peel. If I can only have one, then it's intact.