Monday, May 29, 2017

A Venerable Old Card Part 53

At some point this fall a co-worker of mine had asked me about trying to track down a few Alvin Morman cards.  He works somewhere in these parts I guess, so I ventured into my card closet searching for something belonging to the former Major League reliever.  I managed to track down a few cards, but along the way I found a mess of Upper Deck Minors sets from the early and mid 1990s which were all jumbled into two 800 count boxes with little rhyme or reason.

The Alvin Morman card from the 1994 Upper Deck Minors set is pretty sweet.....

but this card is not the main topic of my post for the evening.

I have had a lot of other baseball card projects that came before sorting out those two boxes, but I eventually got around to them a few weeks back.  In sorting out the boxes of Upper Deck Minors I was able to piece together almost the entire run of sets that UD put out with Minor Leaguers.  There are lots of good former Major Leaguers in those sets and plenty of other good prospect names which didn't quite make it.  Just like any Minor League product.

There was one card in those two boxes which really stood out as I was sorting which belonged to a Durham Bulls player.  I didn't even remember Upper Deck putting hologram cards into the Minors products, but they were in the box..  This was my favorite......

It's hard to get the hologram picture on the scans of these Upper Deck cards, but it comes through enough that you can tell its Chipper running back on a pop up.  I really like the picture in the foreground with the dark batting helmet and the Texas Tan belt.  The Bulls ditched both of these in favor of blue at some point in the mid 1990s.  There are plenty of Chipper Jones cards in a Bulls uniform, but this one has a totally different appearance than the other handful of cards featuring the future Hall of Famer during his time in Durham.  

These Prospect Holograms were in the 1992  Upper Deck Minors set, and while they never made another appearance in the product, I think that they were probably an influence on Upper Deck's 1993  Then & Now Hologram cards.  

These were some of my favorite early 1990s insert cards.  They don't necessarily have the value, or popularity as cards like the Donruss Elite inserts, but I love the look of these cards.  Now that I know there are Minor League hologram cards I will have to find some more of these cards.  

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