Thursday, January 12, 2017

Minor Coinage

I have done a few posts about coin cards in the past.  Topps has placed them in all sorts of different products over the years.  This year was no different and I managed to pull one out of a pack of cards.  The only problem is that the card kind of sat on a shelf in my card closet for the last month or two.  Maybe three.  The best part of the card is that it actually came out of a Minor League product, always a big fan of those.....

Not sure if Topps has ever put coin cards into a Minor League product before, but I was happy to land this out of a box of Topps Heritage Minors.  Also nice to land a player like Benintendi.  I have a few base cards of the top Red Sox prospect, but nothing as cool as this card.  Of course, if you are going to check out a coin card you have to look at the back....always one of the coolest parts of these...

The back view of the coin in the card is always awesome.  I like the connection between the card year and coin year, but I am not quite sure why the highlight on the back of a Red Sox card is about a game between the Cardinals and Reds.  I get that it's his birthday, but the Red Sox made the World Series that year.   I am sure that they had a few highlights that year, say their left fielder winning the Triple Crown...something.

Overall, a really cool card and a welcome addition to the collection.


  1. These are neat, but it drives me nuts when the coin is just placed in there however, and no attempt is made to have them upright. Maybe they can be rotated, I don't know, as I've never actually gotten one, but in every scan I've seen online they are just haphazard. Must have been a great feeling to pull that one though! The state quarter cards Upper Deck included in the 2004 History of the United States non-sport set are pretty high on my wantlist actually.

    1. I agree about the haphazardness of the coin placement, although I don't know how these cards are made, so I am not sure how much control Topps has over it. I went back and looked at some of my other coin cards, they are all turned oddly. I've never looked at the Upper Deck quarter cards, I will have to check them out.

  2. Both played for the Red Sox later in their careers, I guess. I think it's weird that you have a 1967 coin inserted into the card of a guy born in 1994, with the highlight being for a game he has no connection to. The card concept seems like a pretty big reach. It would have been better to have the front of the card have Cepeda and Perez, IMO.