Sunday, January 15, 2017

Is That You Junior?

We are a few weeks out now from Spring Training.  Last summer I did a little bit of work on collecting Cardinals prospect Alex Reyes, however he has no graduated to the Majors and will be in the starting rotation in St. Louis this summer.  That means that I need to find a new Cardinals prospect to follow around this year.  There are some good options for Cardinals fans in the lower Minors, so after a little research, and card searching I am going to pick Junior.....

Actually, Junior Fernandez, but every time I hear his name I think about Sean Connery saying something like "Is that you Junior?".  Maybe it's just me.  The Cardinals pitching prospect was in Bowman Chrome, Leaf, and Dornuss Elite.   I went ahead and picked up the Bowman Chrome card recently....

Fernandez pitched for the Cardinals at their High A and Low A affiliates, and at just 19 years old, is a little ways off from being in St. Louis.  He universally appears in Cardinals top prospects lists, but his placement on the list greatly varies.  Junior throws almost 100, but needs a lot of polish.  We will see if he can put it together.  

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