Monday, September 19, 2016

An Archived Friar

Rewinding a bit with this post to a card that has been sitting on my desk for the past two months.  I think I actually already took a picture of it and put it on my Instagram feed over there on the left side of the page.  Always some good retired players in the Topps Archives set and this year was no different.  I opened some packs, pulled a few autographs, but I missed out on the former Cardinals players.

I don't even remember if I traded for this card or bought it, but one of the former Cardinals in the set is pitcher Andy Benes.  He was actually on the team twice.....

Bones actually started out with the Padres who took him with the first overall pick in the 1988 draft.  The Evansville native spent the first few years of his career with the Friars, before moving on to the Mariners for the end of the 1995 season, and then landing with the Cardinals in 1996.  After two years with the Cardinals, Benes tried to re-sign with the team, but some technicality took place between the Cardinals, Scott Boras, and Bud Selig.

Benes ended up with the Diamondbacks.  Then back with the Cardinals.

For those who missed out on watching Benes pitch let me summarize briefly.  He threw hard, he won 155 games, but had an ERA+ of 104.  What I remember about Andy Benes, besides the fact that young Alan Benes was a lot better pitcher?

Here is Barry Bonds 100th career home run.  The pitcher???

A Mike Piazza Grand Slam.  The pitcher???

Ken Griffey Jr. Walk Off Inside the Park Style.... The pitcher???

That Griffey is a classic. 

Benes has actually taken residence in St. Louis and is pretty active around the town.  He does some work with the Cardinals as the host of their Kids Club show.  There are clips of the show floating around the internet including one where Fredbird spits sunflower seeds into his mouth.  

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