Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I did not opening any packs or boxes of Pro Debut this year, opting to just go out and find the singles that fit into my collection.  Really, I am trying to find cards of the Cardinals prospects and the Durham Bulls players.  As a minor league card collector, the players that appear in the Pro Debut are not generally consistent from year to year.

It's nice to see players graduate to the Majors and into the regular Topps base sets where I can continue to collect their cards.  There are many Durham Bulls players I still enjoy collecting whether they are with the Rays, or other teams.

While there is a lot of turnover in the Pro Debut set, one of my favorite Durham Bulls has become a staple of the set.

Of course, I am talking about the one and only Wool E. Bull

There are many people who probably think of the Durham Bulls mascot as the guy from the movie Bull Durham.  Not so.  Wool E. Bull has long been entertaining the fans in Durham and is one of the best parts of watching a Bulls game.  I know, I go to the games to watch baseball.  My baseball sidekick goes for Wool E.  Kyle Snyder gives him a ball almost every game too....

So, it's really an easy choice for Topps to make the Durham Bulls am annual part of the Mascots insert set.  This is the third year in a row that Wool E. Bull has appeared in the set and I proudly own all three.  In the past Topps has made these with color variations, but I am pretty sure that there are just 75 copies of this Wool E.'s card.  Here's a look:

Great looking card and I am happy that Topps continues to recognize Wool E. Bull as one of the best mascots in all of baseball.

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