Monday, June 27, 2016

Venerable Old Card Part 19

I have posted a Bob's Camera Richmond Brave card before in the past and found my second card from the long running team issue a few weeks ago.  For those catching up, the Richmond Braves for the better part of a decade had a weekly giveaway of one baseball card that was sponsored by Bob's Camera.  Since there was only one card given away each week, there are very few complete sets of these cards.

It seems that some of the cards have a higher demand and are harder to find.  I am not sure if they were short printed, or they just did not pass out the left over cards.  Such much unknown about some of these cards which is part of what makes them fun.

My latest Bob's Camera card is a big name, but not too difficult....

This is a 1988 Dave Justice Bob's Camera card.  He was in Richmond multiple years and has several of these cards, this was his first.  While some of the big name players in this set have a some pretty pricy cards, the star of the 1988 set is John Smoltz.   The David Justice card is one of the more inexpensive cards I have ever run into out of this set.  During the 1988 season Justice split the year between Double Greenville and Triple A Richmond and easily had the worst year of his professional career with a .203/.311/.357 line and just 8 home runs in almost 300 at bats.  Not sure that has anything to do with the card being cheap, but it might mean that there were more of his cards given away.  


  1. Team issued oddballs like this one areal ways a pleasant addition. It's a shame that more teams don't do this sort of thing.

    1. Agreed. I like the idea of putting sets together and understand teams passing out complete sets as a giveaway. However, I also love the idea of giving out a set slowly over time. Adds to the challenge.