Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reddit Trade

I have traded for cards on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, the comment section of blogger.....Whatever and whenever something catches my interest.  The last month, or so, I have been doing a little bit of posting in the Baseball Card area of Reddit.  It's a pretty diverse group.  Anything from the "I found 10,000 cards from 1990 in my attic, am I rich?" to "Check out these cool cards I found" and everything in between.  

After making my post about my Archives hits a few weeks back one of the frequent posters/commenters FFFHFT approached me about trading a pair of the Mets cards I pulled, the Franco autograph and the Wright silver, for a similar pair of Cardinals cards.  

Here's what I landed:

A copy of the Kolten Wong Gypsy Queen autograph.  I pulled a Matt Adams autograph out of my box, and have picked up a few other Cardinals along the way, but still have not picked up a copy of this card yet.  Wong is having a great year and I am not doing anything with his cards....I will work on it.  This is a really nice on-card autograph of the Cardinals second baseman.  Really happy to add this card to my collection.  

Speaking of good seasons, I also added a copy of a Jhonny Peralta silver bordered Archives card.  These are numbered out of /199 and run at a rate of about two per box.  Here's a look at the back of the card.....

Two really nice cards and a great new place to trade some cards.  

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  1. That redditor is a good guy to trade with. I have made at least one trade with him