Monday, July 20, 2015


I always try to post my weekly #MyCardMonday on Sunday evening, but sometimes I feel like I do better with the player when I wait the extra time and make my post on Monday evening.  I like the player in the post to be someone who is in the news and sometimes an extra few hours can change my mind on the player and card that I select.  Sunday evening I had a player already to go and post and then I waited.  In the middle of the day I checked Twitter and I found....

I was excited to see the news.  Piscotty has been regarded as one of the Cardinals top hitting prospects.  I was actually surprised the Cardinals have taken this long to try Piscotty out at the big league level given the fact that the team has lost Matt Adams for the rest of the season and they were without Matt Holliday for a good chunk of time.  It's been hard to wait, but I am excited to see what Piscotty will do with the Cardinals.

Since Piscotty is debuting this week in Chicago I am going with one of my favorite Piscotty cards from the first Bowman Inception set.

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