Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Orange Wall Sweet Sigs

I saw a really cool card last week on Ebay while picking up a few cards from a seller.  I love combined shipping and the price for this card was really low, so I swooped in and won the auction.  The card is a Troy Glaus, former Cardinal, and hails from the 2001 Fleer Showcase Sweet Sigs set.  The premise of the autograph set was that there were different materials players signed their autographs on.  Some of the different variations include wood and leather, which are pretty common with this type of autograph.  However, this Glaus card is pretty unique and eye catching.

2001 Fleer Showcase Sweet Sigs Troy Glaus Wall Autograph

I am not sure if the wall on this card is specifically a piece of the wall from Anaheim Stadium or of its a generic relic or material that Fleer used for players to sign.  I am guessing that it is probably the latter, but I still love the silver paint pen signature over the orange piece of "wall".  I checked around on Ebay a little bit after winning this auction and found that many of the wall cards in this set have a similar look and a major flaw as seen below:

Don't look too hard for Miggy's signature on this card.  It is barely visible and is actually quite common on the Showcase Sweet Sigs Wall Edition autographs.  Really a little bit unfortunate since the Glaus is such a cool card, and are obviously pretty inexpensive cards.  It does seem that there are a few players with the orange backgrounds, like Glaus, who have better looking signatures that are actually legible.  Specifically, the Andruw Jones card looks really nice.  Too bad there is only one copy available for $20.

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