Sunday, June 2, 2013

2012 Bowman Platinum Jay Bruce Jersey/Autograph

I am not a huge Reds guy, but this is the second decent autograph I have picked I have picked up from a Cincinnati player during the last month.  Earlier this month I added a nice Joey Votto autograph and was offered a chance at a Jay Bruce autograph shortly after posting my Votto autograph.  As a Cardinals fan I have not really liked the Reds the past few years and do not hold the team in the same esteem that I have held other rivals in the past.  For example, I always liked when the Cardinals beat the Astros out for the division, or in the NLCS, but did not mind seeing players like Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, and Lance Berkman getting a shot at the playoffs or the World Series.  

Dusty Baker.  Cannot stand him.  Johnny Cueto.  Can't fight.  Scott Rolen.  Cry baby.  

Despite having a few issues with some of the players on the Reds they are a very talented team and there are a few respectable individuals in their dugout.  I love watching Votto, but there are a few others I will check out from time to time.  One of those players is right fielder Jay Bruce.  He seems to be a pretty steady performing and a sure bet to put up 25-30 homers a year with close to 100 RBIs.  

2012 Bowman Platinum Jay Bruce Jersey/Autograph 

The newest addition to my collection was actually originally in packs of Bowman Platinum as a redemption.  Scan the secondary market sites and you will still see the redemption cards floating around.  Luckily, I found a card that had already been redeemed and did not have to wait through the hoopla of redemptions at Topps.  A few years back the market for Jay Bruce autographs was pretty healthy, but his cards have been drifting slowly downwards and can now be found for around $10 cash or trade.  Not a bad autograph for that price point.  

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