Sunday, June 23, 2013

2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Troy Tulowitzki Autograph

2007 SP Authentic Troy Tulowitzki Autograph 

A nice card to start off my Sunday morning.  I picked up this Tulowitzki By The Letter Autograph early last week and what's not to love about this card?

First, the card itself is awesome.  This is one of my favorite autograph sets out there.  Sure the letter patches are all manufactured, but it's still a really cool design.  Bonus if you can find a sharp autograph on one of the letters like this card has.  The By The Letter Autographs do not fade or wear like the Sweet Spot autographs, but signing a small letter with a paint pen certainly has yielded some interesting looking cards out of this product over the years.

Second, Tulowitzki is one of the better players in the league when he is healthy and quite possibly the best shortstop in the game.  The top three comparable batters on his Baseball Reference page are all Hall of Famers and if he stays healthy, should have another good five plus years of good numbers to add to his resume before he starts to slide.  I like that he's not only a great offensive player, but also is an above average fielder at a premium position.  He's not Ozzie Smith, but he's no slouch either.

Off to work on my other job.

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