Sunday, September 2, 2012

Must Have Shelby Millers

My blog is going to be sixth months old in a few days and I took some time to reflect back over my posts.  I love blogging and am going to continue to write in this space about my baseball cards.  However, I have gotten away from writing about the cards that I already have in my collection and have primarily focused on cards that I have traded for or bought.  I am going to do a little better about showing the cards already in my man cave a little love.

With that end in mind, I am happy to see that the Cardinals are calling up uber-prospect Shelby Miller this afternoon.  Miller has long been considered an elite prospect, but he had a rough year to the start.  He turned it around the second half and put together a great second half.  So, what cards are out there of this super prospect?  I am going to share three of his cards, two rookies and a second year card, that are easy to find and affordable around $20 or less.

1.  2010 Bowman Chrome Autograph (Sorry my scanner is making this card look ugly) RC

This card is a true rookie and can be found in its autograph form, as pictured, or in a non-autograph form.  The autographed version will run anywhere from $20 to $30 with the parallel version going up from there depending on print runs.  Given the craze on rookie cards at times, this Shelby Miller rookie is really a good investment.  It's a true rookie and it's an on card autograph.  If the guy does anything next year the card will at least hold value if not increase.  

2.  2010 Topps Pro Debut Jumbo Future Games Jersey RC

This is another good Shelby Miller rookie card to keep an eye on and there are several pluses in it's favor.  First, it's a limited print run jersey card.  Miller only has three or four jersey cards, but two of them are limited.  This card has a print run of only 200, which in today's era of tiny relic pieces and high print runs, is great.  In fact, there is only one of these available on Ebay at the moment and none on  However, about five or six have sold in the past month for less than $10.  They are out there, but maybe not for long.  

3.  2011 Bowman Platinum Autograph 

It was hard to decided between this card and his 2011 Bowman Futures Game Relic, but an on card autograph trumps a relic card.  That card could be a 3B if I had a little more time this evening.  Anyway, this is a second year card and again a great value.  This can be found between $20 and $30 and there are plenty of copies floating around.  Like the Bowman rookie there are parallels if you are looking for a pricier investment, but this is still a nice piece to add to your collection.  


  1. I think we need more insight into man caves around the 'sphere. His auto really pops on that last one.

    1. There should be a man cave week on Blogger. Discovery has Shark Week, AMC has Gangster week.