Monday, September 3, 2012

2008 Topps Triple Threads Matt Holliday 6 Piece Relic

I have enjoyed having time and taking a slight break from work this holiday weekend to blog and write about my cards.  I am going to make two posts today, one now and one later today, about a card that I bought cheaply and another group of cards I spent time with this weekend.

First up for today is an older Topps Triple Threads card from 2008.  The Triple Threads cards first appeared in 2006 and have become a staple release every year since for Topps.  I am a big collector of the cards and actually think they have great improved since the initial few sets.  The autographs have become mainly on card and the amount of cool patches and unique jersey pieces have also increased.

Even though the product has improved over time there are still some great older Triple Threads cards out on the market.  My card today is one which I picked up for less than $5 with a print run of 9, four jersey pieces, and two bats.

2008 Topps Triple Threads Matt Holliday 6 Piece Relic

This card has a book value of $20 which is essential the same as the Matt Holliday relic cards from the 2011 Triple Threads release.  However, a quick glance of COMC or Ebay will show that sellers aren't coming off of the book value for the new Triple Threads cards.  The older cards have closed lower and often start off below book making them a great value for collectors to add to their collections.  The book value of the older Triple Threads cards are probably inflated for most of the cards.  

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