Thursday, June 14, 2012

Twitter Trade

I have been getting more and more into Twitter the last few weeks for trading.  There are some excellent traders there and great tools to showcase your collection.  In fact, I pulled off a trade earlier in the week with a collector from Ohio interested in a few Indians cards and autographs.  I received four big cards back and a few smaller ones.  I am going to stick to the big ones for tonight.

The trade originated while I was searching for a few cards during the MLB Draft Monday night.  I wanted to find a card of the Cardinals selection, Michael Wacha, and also find a card of Marcus Stroman.

Wacha is out of Texas A&M and was selected by the Cardinals as compensation for Albert Pujols.  He's supposed to be one of the better college pitchers, but we'll see once he starts pitching.  Stroman pitched at Duke.  Duke is usually not an exciting college baseball team to watch, but Stroman has been worth the price of admission the last year or two.  He's 5'8 and throws really hard.  Reminds me a lot of a right-handed version of Billy Wagner and was drafted by the Blue Jays in the first round.

2011 Bowman Sterling Michael Wacha Jersey

2011 Topps USA Baseball Triple Jersey Autograph

I also received two other excellent cards in the trade.  Last week I actually traded a Topps Marquee Matt Kemp Quad jersey, but was able to find virtually the same card.  I think the patches are in different squares.  

2012 Topps Marquee Matt Kemp Quad Jersey/Patch

Last, but not least, I also received an Albert Pujols rookie.  I am supposed to be down about Albert right now and I have traded off huge chunks of my Pujols collection, but I love this card.  There are a ton of Pujols rookie cards out there, but for my money this is about the best of them.  It's a really simple and basic card, but it is a good contrast to many of the more modern looking Pujols rookies.

2001 Bowman Heritage Albert Pujols


  1. Ugh, I envy the Michael Wacha jersey you just got.

    1. I was pretty excited to find one. He has a few autographs out there that I would like to land.