Saturday, June 16, 2012

2005 Playoff Absolute John Buck Relic Card

My original plan included sleeping in this morning, but somehow I ended waking up early on working on my cards.  I was trying to dig out a few cards to scan for a trade I started working on last night when I noticed my relics card boxes were shifting towards ordinary.  How many Ken Griffey Jr. jersey cards did Upper Deck make between 1998 and 2010?  A few too many.  There are many players in the same boat.  I do not mind owning relics cards and am particularly interested in Cardinals and Rays, but I don't need fifteen different bat cards of a player.  So, needless to say I will be unloading a few over the next few weeks.

After cleaning out two boxes I paid a visit to one of my all-time favorite materials cards.  A 2005 Playoff Absolute John Buck Relic Card.

As a baseball fan I am completely aware of who John Buck is and his incredible .163 batting average this season.  I love the card because it is one of the most unique relics cards I own in my collection.  Yes, I have big patches and cool pieces of patches and low numbered bats and jerseys.  When have you ever gotten a shin guard or chest protector on a baseball card?  In some ways I do not miss the Playoffs and Donruss sets that overpopulated the card markets in the late 90's, but they did make a cool relic card or too.  


  1. Very cool card! Let me know if you have Dodgers you plan on unloading.