Monday, April 22, 2019

I Love The 1990s Cardinals Part 74 - Edgar Renteria

Ozzie Smith was the Cardinals shortstop for much of the 1990s, and was eventually replaced by Royce Clayton after he retired.  In 1998, the Cardinals traded Clayton away to the Texas Rangers, in the middle of the season, for third baseman Fernando Tatis.  The Cardinals played all sorts of different players at shortstop during the second half of the 1998, none of them were good.  

Prior to the 1999 season, the Cardinals traded Braden Looper, Armando Almanza, and Pablo Ozuna to the Marlins in exchange for Edgar Renteria. 

He's wearing teal on his rookie card.  You should buy this card.  

Renteria was only 19 when he reached the Majors, and 22 when he was traded to the Cardinals.  He was a work in progress at this point in his career, but he had also made a name for himself as one of the few Major Leaguers to have a walk off hit in the deciding game of the World Series.  

Only one year of 1990s baseball cards for Edgar Renteria in a Cardinals uni.  It was not actually really all that great for two reasons.  Kind of makes this a short post.  

Reason One- Topps used the same picture in all of their products.  All of their products.

Here's his 1999 Topps card.  


and his 1999 Topps Finest card.  

I think the smile is slightly different.  

I could scan his Bowman card and put it on here, but you will never believe the picture that Topps used for the card.  He's actually not holding the bat, but everything else is the same.  The photographer from Topps spent a whole two minutes taking pictures of Edgar Renteria in Spring Training.  

and I am spent.  

Reason 2- He has a bunch of cards that have a Cardinals logo, but the picture shows him as a Marlin.  

Like this one....

or this one.....

Of course, there are a few different Edgar Renteria cards from 1999 that get it right.  

and they are pretty nice.  


  1. There's a fellow I'd forgotten about! The 97 Series though, what a great one! I rooted for them because Daulton was on the team. Since then, I've come to appreciate Leyland. Edgar's Showcase is the best of the bunch. I guess Topp's has always had a lazy streak. Seems more prevalent today.

    1. The 1997 Marlins were a really good team, enjoyed watching them play. They weren't the Cardinals, but I did not have a problem with the star players on their team. In fact, I loved watching Kevin Brown pitch. I liked Leyland more recently while he managed the Tigers. My in-laws are from Michigan, big Tigers fans. Good manager.

      I agree, some of the short cuts Topps has taken have definitely has gotten worse. With modern technology, you'd think the turn around on photos and cards could be short.

  2. It makes no sense, even to me, but I always get him confused with Edwin Encarnacion... don't ask me why?

    1. I do that with players too. Infielders and backup catchers are the worst.