Thursday, March 14, 2019

2019 Blake Snell Autograph Count: 2

This new Blake Snell autographed card feels really highfalutin.  It's one of those "exclusive" cards that was given out at a special event hosted by Topps back in the middle of February.  It's exactly the sort of thing that some fifth grade teacher would not get invited to, but here I am with one of their Industry Conference cards. 

According to the internet, the Topps Industry Conference cost $199, non-refundable, to attend.  So, buying this card off the internet saved me $200, plus the airfare.....

That's almost $800.  Well, I did buy the card, so actually $770.  Plus I walked to the Post Office to pick up the card, and got baited into buying some Goldfish Crackers on the way.  So, bottom line savings was $768. 

Here's the front of the card. 

It's encased and has a cool sticker on the top letting you know that it is from the Industry Conference.  I mean, the card says it's from the Industry Conference too, but just in case.  The scans with the cases never turn out well.  Just a picture....

The autograph is on a sticker, never my first choice, but I probably won't have a lot of chances to find this card.  There are just 15 copies.  

A look at the back of the card..... 

and a short love note from Topps thanking participants for their $199.99*.  


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