Monday, September 12, 2016

The Minty Big Cat

This is seriously a card product that people buy?  5 cards for $1,250?

That's steep, so the cards have to be incredible right?  Absolutely.  I love how they look.  I also love the fact that I bought one of a really good player for $9.99.  Considering you have to average $250ish per card to break even I am not liking the odds of getting anywhere close to your money back if you buy a box of "The Mint"

Sounds kind of snooty.

Well, the cards are really really good looking at least.  This is my $9.99 autograph.

There is a little chipping on the bottom of the card, but for $9.99?  I am really happy with this card.  I know in yesterday's post I promised an autograph of Andres Galarraga in a Cardinals uniform which this is not, but I promise the next time I write the words Andres Galarraga and autograph in the same blog post it will be accompanied by a picture of an autographed card of him wearing a Cardinals uniform.


  1. Mint is like a poor man's UD All Time Greats Master Collection. There is no WAY in the world you can break even ripping Mint.

  2. I would be scared to death opening a box that cost $1250. It would probably look like I'm a diffusing a bomb.

  3. A. Alanis Morissette needs to update Ironic to include this card. Topps Mint... with a little chipping on the bottom of the card.

    B. But you're right... I'd be A-Ok with that minor flaw for the price you paid. I'll need to track down a copy of this card for my Expos PC.

  4. Products like this are ridiculous. I've heard there are single swatches of medium star players in it too. Could be just a rumor. Unless you're pulling the one Roy Campanella (theoretical example) signature patch card, how are you justifying spending that much?