Monday, June 20, 2016

Phil Dixon's Negro League Set Part 2

I am going back to the Dixon's Negro League set for tonight's post.  I had picked up the set back at the end of April and made a post back at the beginning of May.  I still intend to make a few posts to show off all of the cards in the set.  With school winding down for the summer I took a little bit of time to finish scanning this set for posts.  Here are the next four cards in the set:

There are some really good players in this group of four including Josh Gibson up in the top right in the Grays uniform.  Gibson was the most noted power hitter in the Negro Leagues and is well know by many baseball fans.  For me, the best part of finding this set is learning about new players who had some great accomplishments.  Here are the backs of the cards which include a short write up by Phil Dixon who created the set and is a noted speaker on the Negro Leagues.

Out of the four cards in this group my favorite card has to be Joe Green on the bottom left.  First, the picture on the front of the card is really cool.  Clearly a posed photograph, but just something a little different that you don't normally see.  I also like the old catchers mitt.  Hard to beat.  In reading the back of the card it turns out that Green was noted for once hitting four home runs in a game which reminds me of one of my best 1990s Cardinals memories.....

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