Monday, February 16, 2015


I had a card in mind for today's #MyCardMonday, but after getting an afternoon off due to an impending ice/snow storm in Raleigh I decided to put off making my post until after I got back home.  While everyone is a little panicked here about how much snow, or ice, will show up over the next 24 hours I have resigned myself to missing a day or two of school this week.  Maybe I can catch up on blogging since I have been terrible inconsistent and sporadic this month with posting.

So, after reading the baseball news this afternoon I have decided to change my card up for today.  This week's #MyCardMonday is.......

If you had missed the news, Giambi announced his retirement from baseball today.  It was actually long overdue, but I am still happy to give a post to Giambi.  As a huge baseball fan of the 90s and early 2000s it's hard not to recognize the greatness that was Jason Giambi.  I know there is the whole steroids thing, but lots of players did that.  Giambi was a unique personality in the game and was a fun player to watch.  In his prime with the A's he was one of the best hitters in the game.  You can toss a coin between his 2000 or 2001 season being his best, there are few players in my lifetime who have posted seasons with offensive numbers equal to Giambi's

While his Yankees years were not the best, but he still put up decent production when he was healthy.  He ended up back in Oakland for a bit, then the Rockies, and finally on to Cleveland before his retirement today.  It was a great, and fun, career for the Giambino.  I will miss seeing him play and seeing his cards.  If I get a day off of school I am going to have to pop in Moneyball.   Farewell friend.  

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  1. For a steroid guy, I have a lot of respect for Giambi. He came clean and apologized and that has a lot of merit to me. Although his Yankee years were below what was expected and filled with drama, he was still a fun player to watch. I forgot he was still playing sometimes to be completely honest, but I think he'll be working in baseball for a while and just didn't want to call it quits.